For appointments and more information, please contact Dr. Rohini Gupta 


Dr. Rohini Gupta provides a warm, nurturing, and supportive environment where individuals and couples can work to gain a deeper understanding of themselves and make sense of their experiences. Dr. Gupta works collaboratively with her clients to take active steps to overcome the obstacles in their lives and envision possibilities for change. She has a deep appreciation for each person’s capacity to heal.

Dr. Gupta a offers workshops and consultation to community agencies and organizations on various topics such as trauma, grief and loss, stress, developing resilience in the workplace, and mitgating vicarious trauma. She also provides supervision for post graduate students in clinical psychology.

About Dr. Gupta

GSPP Headshot

Dr. Rohini Gupta is a clinical psychologist and a core faculty member at the University of Denver Graduate School of Professional Psychology (GSPP), International Disaster Psychology Program (IDP).  She is the Director of the Trauma & Disaster Recovery Clinic (TDRC), which is a training clinic that provides mental health services to those who have experienced adversity and trauma. She Co-Founded of the Colorado Resilience Collaborative, a community based initiative aimed at addressing Identity based violence due to radicalization and discrimination.  Dr. Gupta teaches courses in trauma interventions and co-leads a seminar that focuses on professional development and the supervision of clinical cases from a trauma informed and cross cultural lens. In addition to her work at the University, Dr. Gupta is on the Board of the Womxn’s March Denver. Dr. Gupta chairs the Womxn’s March Denver Community engagement team, consulting on serving the needs of marginalized and underserved populations and how to create and support an inclusive movement that focuses on uplifting women and girls in the local Denver community.



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